Hello, neglected blog! I am (finally) back. It’s been what? 2 months? HAHAHA. School is obviously H O G G I N G my time. CRS is very demanding. There are no chill days at all. I have so much things to blog about but I doubt that I can do that tonight. 😦 I’ll definitely do it after our prelims! 🙂 

Anyway, just to update y’all about my UST life… It’s still feels pretty different and unusual compared to what I’m used to but I’m doing fine!

Just today, my block BFFs and I went to Binondo for a random spontaneous adventure. We wanted to do something because we had a free cut + 4 hour break earlier. It was so fun and tiring! We rode the jeep and we kept on asking people around us for directions! We went around China Town and we also visited the Binondo church. The church is probably my favorite part because I got to pray for my family and friends. NAKS! 

I bought four different colored candles representing the following:

  • Blue – Petition
  • Pink – Thanksgiving
  • Red – Health
  • Orange – Studies

After offering my candles/prayers, Ange told me to make 3 wishes because I told her it was my first time to visit the church and I guess that’s a belief? Hehe! So I did! We were supposed to go to Lucky Chinatown mall but we were pretty tired after roaming the china town. 😐 Fail. HAHAHA.

I promise that I will try not to neglect my blog again! Hope you’re all having a great week! x