Earning my stripes.

Exactly a week since I first entered the premises of the University of Sto. Tomas in my College of Rehabilitation Sciences uniform. Weird. That felt so fast. Here’s an update of what’s been going on with me since then. 🙂 

  • I feel so sheltered. Like, “I’m still in MC” kind of sheltered.
  • I feel so free, too. Going out without the guard minding is a new thing. 
  • First time to spend my actual birthday in school. Read: tiring as fuck.
  • Most memorable birthday to date. In more good ways than bad.
  • I have no time to go to the gym. Still adjusting to my new schedule.
  • Almost threw a fit in the LRT station.
  • CRS is hard. End of story. 
  • Tougher than the curriculum. I must survive CRS.
  • Still can’t cheer the “Go Uste’ without feeling awkward. Haven’t cheered at all, actually.
  • Embrace change. 🙂 
  • Auditioned for the Yahoo! Courtside Reporter thing during my 3 hour break yesterday. Worth it. No regrets. Even if I don’t know shit about basketball.
  • Beauty queen for a night last night at Miss. Cheska Marie’s debut. Represented France! Bonjour!!! (LOL)
  • Dean’s list. Please. #PUSH
  • Back to healthy eating and exercise. No to freshman 15. Ugh. 

Our schedule for tomorrow is deadly. Thank God we have no school every friday and by the way, it’s my debut on Friday!!! Anxious. 🙂 Still going to school the next day, though. GO HARD.