Tree’s to-do list: college edition

Hello! Exactly 10 days before the first day of college! All summer I’ve been thinking about how I’ll survive college. I came up with my rules for myself. It’s not exactly a goal setting list. — I’ll do that in another entry. 🙂 It’s more of, ah… to-do list. Like what I said, it may or may not work for you. If it suits you, great (gatsby.. okay I just had to) if not, then find something that floats your boat (shoes.. okay last na yan.)

  • NO CRAMMING – Yes, I hate cramming. In fact, I was able to live up to this during senior year because I can honestly say that I rarely procrastinated during that year! I hate the thought of cramming because it stresses me out that I still have to do something on a Sunday night. If I really can’t finish it days before Sunday or Saturday, I make sure I wake up at 6 AM on a Sunday and finish it before 12 noon. 🙂 
  • SAVE ALLOWANCE – Okay most of my allowance during senior year or probably my whole high shool life went to food. And I hate it. :(( I’ll really save my allowance now. As much as possible, I’ll try not to spend it. At all.
  • PACKED LUNCH – I was never fond of our food choices in school so I always brought a packed lunch with me. I don’t want to gain weight too! Ehem, freshman 15? Anyone?I know the food choices in UST are really tempting (bonchon, kfc, mcdo, — in one freaking building + army navy, shakey’s, pancake house, jollibee) but I can’t imagine myself eating fast food everyday and like what I said, I’m going to save my allowance!
  • WEAR A WATCH – I’m not a watch-wearing type of girl but I guess I need to be one now. 😦 I never want to be late. I was only late once in my whole life. (read: when I was in grade 2) I also should stop using my phone to check the freaking time. 
  • GYM – Find time despite my busy schedule to go to the gym. Thankful that I can go to the gym right after school everyday! (My latest dismissal is 5:30)
  • WORK HARD – I will seriously study my ass off. I will work in advance. Do  projects way before the deadline. Eyes on the prize. Dean’s list, I’m coming for you. HUHUHU I SWEAR PLEASE I DON’T WANNA FAIL. 😦 
  • PLAY HARD – To balance working hard… or probably harder. In order to remain sane, I need to see and party with my friends. But I will only let loose if a) I’m done with my requirements b) I’m done with my requirements and c) I’m done with my requirements. I’m willing to miss a “few” nights out for you, DL. 

Basically, that’s my own watchamacallit list…. Haha! Just something to get me by! Hope I get to stick with this! I also can’t wait to shop for school supplies and show you the things I’ll be using for college. 🙂 Hope this entry inspired you to do your own list!





RTC: Road To College

Already on the road to college. 20 more days until I wear my all white uniform, black shoes and hop in the train with my first-day-in-college-blues. Yup, I’m definitely thinking ahead.

University of the Philippines Diliman. My answer to

“What’s your dream school?”

“Where do you want to go?”

I see myself sitting by the steps of Palma Hall, riding the ikot jeep and in general, being an Iskolar ng Bayan

But nope. I didn’t pass the UPCAT. (Which really crushed my heart and soul for 48 hours more or less) I thought it would be the silver lining. 😦 Sigh.

After taking the UPCAT last August, I took the University of the East entrance exam as a back up. It’s a good med school also so I figured, why not take the test? An hour after taking the test, I found out that I passed with a scholarship opportunity. Good for me. One school down. And then the ACET… which I didn’t pass and I just shrugged it off since I wasn’t really planning to go to Ateneo. And then the USTET. My second choice. 

It was a school day when the USTET results came out. I was stressing over it. Funny story actually. I asked my classmate to ask her friend in UST to check my name. Of course, impeccable timing by our substitute teacher! She caught us using the cellphone and she confiscated it. Yup, I was minutes away from finding out and then zzzzzzz. 🙂 Buzz kill. 

I was already crying about it because I was so afraid I wouldn’t pass. I was going crazy. Until I found out, dismissal time that I was waitlisted in Physical Therapy and I didn’t pass my second choice. Okay then. I was asked to “wait” so I did. But of course, my positive self just wouldn’t stop so I thought to myself “Waitlisted ako sa UST kasi Accepted ako sa UP.” (I’m waitlisted in UST because I’m accepted in UP.) But then again, nope. Not accepted. Days and weeks went by. I was already readying myself to face UE.

My friends and I ended up in my house after a short trip in Rockwell. Little did I know something was bound to happen. We found out that the results for waitlisted passers were out. So of course I was anxious again. Until I got the link and checked the list for College of Rehabilitation Sciences. I asked my friend to not look with me. I was so near breaking down because I couldn’t find my name and I already blurted out “Shet, wala name ko.” 

Until I realized that it’s by course and I was looking at occupational therapy. Yes, you can go clap for me now! And then the moment of truth… the list for Physical Therapy. 

“I passed!” My friends and I literally jumped for joy. I was really happy that I couldn’t control the tears!!!! TYG. 🙂 

I really need to step out of my comfort zone and adjust to the new environment. Goodbye, familiarity. I’m excited for the life that I will be spending in Espanya. Right now, I’m already in love with University of Sto. Tomas. 

“Hi, I’m Patricia F. Martinez. You can call me Tricia or Tree. I’m a Physical Therapy student in UST.” Yup, my introduction for the next 5 years. 🙂 




13ORA DAY 2 (April 5, 2013)

13ORA DAY 2 (Aprl 5, 2013)

Okay so day 2 is when most of our batchmates arrived!

* Of course, I’m the first one up!
* Got my hair braided
* Played frisbee by the shore with a local
* Rookie arrived!!!
* Swimming at Discovery
* Chilled at White House with the iBoys
* Coco Huts to prep for the ETC party
* White House for the ETC summer soiree/ happy hour glow
* WILD PARTY! Body paint everywhere + booze = gv!
* Halili DJed by the way followed by DJ McCoy! Awesome beats!
* Dinner @ Obama Grill
* Prepped for the night ahead
* Went around
* Met up with the batch then headed to EPIC
* EPIC was charging that night so we headed to Paraw
* Random trip to a sari-sari store with Cha to buy drinks
* White House again & played King’s Cup
* Waited for the sunrise with Bells, Cha, Juster, Jessi, Janella and Andrea
* But Cha and I gave up and went to bed 😦 HAHAHA

BORA DAY 1 (april 4, 2013)

BORA DAY 1 (april 4, 2013)

Day 1 of our batch bora!

What we did that day?

* Airport @ 9 AM
* Boarded @ 11 AM
* Awake the whole flight, like my other flightmates.
* Touchdown Bora at 12 noon
* Got to our place at 1:30 PM
* COCO HUTS!!!! Right beside/above Army Navy so we had 10% discount hehe!
* First stop: henna + grocery etc etc!
* Jonah’s — which I found overrated. Maybe cause I got the milk-free one?? But ugh!!  Beach Hut >
* Random swim with Cha + First sunset
* Dinner at Big Mama’s! Love their inihaw na liempo with rice for only 99 pesos!
* We were supposed to have a chill drinking session but we ended up at EPIC with other batchmates.
* Inihaw break before heading to White House
* White House!!!!!!!!!!
* Jessi not being able to go down from the lifeguard hut
* Buried Beto in the sand
* Went home happy & drained @ 3 AM

What a first day huh?