I NEED A REDEEMER YEAR. I had  shitty 2012 and it was the worst year of my existence! Lord, can 2013 be the silver lining to it? Can it be my year? Kinda selfish to ask, but Lord, I think I really deserve it. I just wanna pass UP. CET results are about to come out this month. I AM NERVOUS. DLSU’s releasing their official results tomorrow. I CAN FEEL THE PRESSURE.

I just really really want to be an Iskolar ng Bayan.  In all honesty, I see myself in U.P. Diliman. I see myself commuting, eating street food, socializing with people with different stories and of different cultures. I really see myself sitting on the stairs of Palma hall. Sige na, please. 😦

I only took 4 CETs; ADMU, UP, UST and UE (which I already passed with scholarship opportunity). All schools are fine with me, considering my career choice — to be a doctor. But UP’s my ultimate dream school. Please. I’m really hoping. I know there’s no guarantee but there’s nothing to lose if I stay positive. Tiwala lang talaga.

Bahala ka na, Lord. It’s all up to You.


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