Our last MCHS fair’s theme was technology and gaming. Of course, we (369) can’t let our last fair just go by without having a creative group costume. 

Before I show you our costume, (in case you haven’t seen it yet) I’m going to show you photos from the first day of FERAS which is the costume day.

p.s. there was an abundance of SOLDIERS. 

– Dea’s costume = pacman gaming stand! So creative! That’s our English teacher (and Dea’s homeroom) Sir Dan! 

– Iron Man? More like our principal as IRON MAN! How cool is that?!

– Orts as a sexy soldier with Isay as a football player.

– Angge as an xbox

– Sir Allan and Anya as Super Mario

– Janna as a nurse from Silent Hill.

– Angge with Kat as a zombie from Plants vs Zombies and Hannah the cooking mama!

– Sayawatha kickstarted the fair! 

TA-DA! 369’s costume for FERAS — ANGRY BIRDS!

a pair per color/bird!!! 🙂


Will find time to transfer and upload photos from fair day 2 and AVENIR! So happy I got to update my blog. Can’t wait for the triplets’ party!