H A L L O W E E N ‘ 1 3

We just love surprise parties! We spiced things up for our birthday girl, Amiel by preparing a creepy Halloween themed surprise party for her. 

NUNS — Gicelle and Jessi

Your frustrated and dead ballerina!

The Cult Queen – Claudine


The Orphan, Ester — Andrea

Dead Phantom – Rookie

Headless – Cara

With the YOLO birthday girl, Amiel! Woot! Spooky birthday for ya!

Happy 17th, my dear! 🙂 Hope you liked our surprise!

Your worst nightmare.

Redefining the term YOLO — Halloween style. Invaded eastwood mall with the girls.


12:33 AM and I am missing my sister so much. 

The pain is undescribable.

No one knows the reason why.

It’s beyond human understanding.

Guide me.

Help me.

Look after me.

I love you very much.

Always have, always will.

One day, I’ll see you again


October 5, 2012 — Rookie’s 17th! 

Swimming + Beer pong all night. 

GV Friday, that was!