Babbling my thoughts away because I just finished my homework and it’s just 5 PM. I don’t know how I’m getting through every day right now. The work load from school, missing my sister so bad, the I-won’t-pass-any-university feeling, the food cravings x 1000 and the disappointing gloomy-but-no-suspension-the-next-day weather. 

Still trying to look for the right (and free) time to write about Ate Marion. It really gets sad at night.. but I’m giving myself a pat on the back for being this strong. Some strength and courage that I did not even know existed until that day. I know she’s helping us get by and keep it together each day. Praying with the family helps, too. I miss you Ate Marioooon!!! 😀 

But I’m glad to say that when I laugh, smile and enjoy.. It really is genuine. 🙂

End of babbling. Here’s a song to end this post and to match this cuddle weather (if you’re taken) / sweater weather (if you’re single and happy) / rainy weather (if you don’t give a damn hahaha)


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