Janella and Cha’s birthday dinner at TOSH.

We headed to Technohub last Friday for Cha and Janella’s birthday dinner. We arrived a little bit earlier than the others so we decided to check out Mezza Norte. It’s the North counterpart of Mercato. 


Of course we couldn’t help but buy some finger foods like these mini tacos from Tacling’s, hashbrown and peppered corn. 

Funny how we bumped into our Economics teacher, Sir (Just) James! 

Nothing like a surprise to cap off that dinner! (plus yummy crepes from the neighboring dessert place, Cafe Breton!) Here are the birthday girls with their birthday cakes!

Yay!! Complete girls! 🙂 


Babbling my thoughts away because I just finished my homework and it’s just 5 PM. I don’t know how I’m getting through every day right now. The work load from school, missing my sister so bad, the I-won’t-pass-any-university feeling, the food cravings x 1000 and the disappointing gloomy-but-no-suspension-the-next-day weather. 

Still trying to look for the right (and free) time to write about Ate Marion. It really gets sad at night.. but I’m giving myself a pat on the back for being this strong. Some strength and courage that I did not even know existed until that day. I know she’s helping us get by and keep it together each day. Praying with the family helps, too. I miss you Ate Marioooon!!! 😀 

But I’m glad to say that when I laugh, smile and enjoy.. It really is genuine. 🙂

End of babbling. Here’s a song to end this post and to match this cuddle weather (if you’re taken) / sweater weather (if you’re single and happy) / rainy weather (if you don’t give a damn hahaha)

It’s been a week already. I miss you a lot. Thanks for making your presence felt in your own way. I love you so much, always have and always will. It’s my ACET tomorrow. Please guide me and my friends, Ate Marion. I miss you talaga!!!