It’s Friday and I’m home early. Not complaining though. Feels weird.. but good. 🙂 I was thinking about posting something like “10 favorite things” or “10 Things I like” earlier. I wasn’t really planning on doing it until I saw #100ThingsILike trending on Twitter hence; the title of this post! No homework, nothing else to do.. Do I have a choice? Let’s go!

1. Books

2. Family bonding over food 

3. Funny priests

4. Soggy cereal

5. Ice cold water

6. The sound of the rain

7. Sunny but breezy days

8. Suits

9. The smell of sunblock

10. Good morning/night texts

11. Bumping into someone I rarely see

12. Catching up with old friends

13. Girls night out

14. Girls night in

15. Naps

16. Soul-to-soul talks

17. H2h talks

18. Tears of joy

19. Hotel beds/pillows

20. Road trips

21. Good music

22. Turquoise/Teal/Sea foam green colors

23. Puns

24. New/Old book smell

25. Long conversations

26. Holding hands

27. Tight hugs

28. Japanese food

29. Beer pong

30. Spontaneous hang outs

31. Katip

32. Kisses on the forehead

33. Comfortable silence

34. Comfy blankets

35. Sunrise/Sunset

36. Sunburns

37. Good hair days

38. Food deliveries

39. Late night phone calls.

40. Random acts of kindness

41. happy friends

42. new clothes

43. movie marathons

44. ghost stories

45. vintage photos

46. guys who smell good

47. cuddle weather

48. old shirts used for sleeping

49. newly sharpened pencils

50. laughing

51. suspension of classes

52. spicy food

53. late night confessions

54. corny jokes

55. horror movies

56. chick flicks

57. vampire diaries

58. alone time

59. summer

60. christmas

61. rollercoasters

62. Harry Potter

63. old songs

64. old movies

65. sneezing

66. yawning

67. sweet but not cheesy gestures

68. smell of gas, betadine, markers and newly photocopied paper

69. jager

70. bubble baths

71. hot showers

72. good work out

73. bumming around

74. european football

75. fast internet

76. dandelions

77. kilig moments

78. twitter

79. pretty notebooks

80. relatable quotes

81. high grades

82. knitted sweaters

83. disney movies

84. inside jokes

85. crying in the shower 

86. sleeping in

87. guys in collared shirts

88. reading

89. waking up early 

90. people who text first

91. cubs 

92. baby pandas

93. beach

94. on the road naps

95. drive-thrus

96. staying in

97. long weekends

98. playgrounds

99. game boy games

100. cash


08/07/12: Nic + Libs’ 17th!

Finally found time to post these photos from August 17!! 🙂 Seriously had a great time at Nic and Libs’ 17th. It was also fun catching up with the people who I hardly see anymore because of school! Enjoy the pictures!

Overdue post coming up this weekend! 🙂 

Picture from Fifi Gomez

Official pictures from Rich’s 17th at 7th High. I’d do anything right now to relive this night. I need another break from school! 

Here I am, serving some 4 AM blogging realness. 



08.10.12 Rich’s 17th

We all know that senior year’s very stressful and definitely not chill since we have to study and worry about the CETs. So we deserve a really good night out with friends to de-stress and all that. Rich made all that possible by celebrating his birthday at 7th High last Friday. I only have a few photos because I didn’t know you can’t bring SLRs at the club room itself! Still waiting for the “official” photos.

Aztec craze!

The Raymundo triplets! Always fun seeing them three together. 😉 



One of the funnest nights of my life! Really really had a great time with everybody. We needed that night! Felt like summer all over again. ❤ 

P.S Fiel drove us (miko, cha and lonzo) all the way to Petron katipunan that night! I’m impressed. Smooth driving skills and we arrived safe and sound! (naks) 

Time to snap back to reality!