Here’s a photo from our 3-day retreat! Meet my roomies, Kat, Sharm, Cons, Angge and Nao.

No other way to describe the experience. It was life-changing! I love you, IV-III! I’ll find time to write more about our retreat! 

In other news, OUTBREAK is this week. UPCAT is next week. Breathe in, breathe out. I can do this. 


06/29/12 Friday at Friday’s!

Finally found the time to blog about Alex and Gicelle’s treat that one Friday at… Friday’s! It was a busy Friday for all of us, having to juggle electives and outbreak registration that day! (wave 29, who’s with us?!) 

Here are some photos!! 

We headed to Swensen’s for dessert! Once again, c/o Rookie! 

Rookie, Jessi and I “had to go” but of course, we went to the condo to set up the place for Alex’s birthday salubong surprise! That’s Ira, Amiel’s cousin! 

While waiting for the others and the birthday celebrant..


Incomplete girls picture because Claud and Cha went up to the wrong floor!!! 

Icing treatment for the birthday girl!

Reunited with my neighbors! Woo!

Happy Saturday, y’all! 

Another day closer to the UPCAT. I really really want to get in University of the Philippines. I believe I can and I will. Just really have to work hard for it. 🙂 

I know that there is no certainty in all of this but it won’t hurt to try and even more, to believe. 

Banana pancakes.

Nothing beats good company during a rainy day! Spent the first suspension of the year with my girls. After lunch at Sweet Maria, we headed to my house to “study”. But as expected, we ended up bumming around. 

+ good music is a plus, too. 🙂 

Hope you all had a great rainy Tuesday! 

Honestly? I think I’m more in touch with my sweet side nowadays. No reason at all. I’m just happy. 🙂 (but please don’t assume i like cheesy things. please please please.)