06/07/12 Birthday dinner

Since my friends surprised me during my actual birthday, we decided to have my birthday dinner the next day. 🙂 

My nephew, Gabriel. He’s fond of the camera now!

Headed to BGC! It was still sunny when we arrived but it started to drizzle after a while!

I really wanted to try Abe because I’ve heard really really good reviews about the food here. True enough, it didn’t disappoint! Sophisticated and really yummy native food. 


x Binukadkad na Plapla

x Sisig (so good i swear)

x corn soup 

x calamares 

++ kare-kare etc! (some of the pictures are missing 😦 )

Wuhoo! Gelatissimo for dessert! Picking the flavor is the hardest part! Thank God they have free taste or I’d go crazy in there.

We ended up getting Choco Hazelnut, Roasted Almond and Pistachio! Love the ice cream’s consistency! It’s also not too sweet that’s why we love it!

Really really bad traffic going home. It took us 2 and a half hours. Never ever take c-5. EDSA is the way. 



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