Guide to being happy.

1. Lower expectations – I’m not saying that it’s bad to expect at all. It’s just that if you don’t want to get disappointed, lower down your expectations. “Oh it’s better than what I expected” moments are better than being disappointed, right?

2. Take a walk – Or you can also work out! I honestly love sweating and trust me, you’ll feel better after a brisk walk or a run. When you workout, you release endorphins! Endorphins make you happy. 🙂 Not kidding! Plus you get to burn some calories. Not bad at all, yeah? 

3. Eat what you want – Indulge! But make sure not to overeat because overeating can cause emotional distress. You’re going to eat what you want because you want to be happy and not depressed! 

4. Appreciate the small things – Even if it’s a random act of kindness from a stranger or a simple text from a friend, make it a reason why your day has been made! And oh, don’t forget to say thank you!

5. Worry less – If you can’t fix a problem, why worry about it? You’re just wasting time on something you’re not in control of. Don’t sweat the small stuff, too. 

6. Don’t try to please everyone – Need I say more? When you try to please everyone, you end up not pleasing anyone at all! 

7. Catch up with a friend – A small talk will do. We need a little updating every once in a while. 🙂 Or everyday! 

That’s basically my own guide to being happy! 🙂 What’s your way? 


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