06/08/12 Paolo’s birthday dinner

Wow, this is so overdue! School hogged my time and I’m really trying not to cram. So far, so good! So last June 8, Paolo who’s also a June baby celebrated his 17th in his humble abode! It was a fun and sweet night. Read on to know why! 😉

Andrea, Alex and Amiel! 

Claud and Bells

The boys minus the celebrant! Beside Brian to the left is Nathan, Pao’s younger brother. 

With Rookie

Claud and the birthday celebrant! 

Incomplete AKB (Miko’s MIA—out of town) CHEERS!

The funniest and gentleman-liest group of boys I know! 

Tequila rose. ❤ 

June babies birthday shot! 🙂 (Gicelle, you are there in spirit!)

LQ?! Bells and Lonz!

I just love the inside joke that happened after this picture! What a good laugh!

Happy happy! Check out the photobombers behind us!

The girls with Pao! 🙂

The stairs effect! Telenovela?! 

Rookie and Miel

Played around with Paolo’s transformer head/mask

Fiel and JJ!

Kagulo picture with Fiel!

Preppin the cake! Almost 12 midnight, almost June 9!


And the icing fight begins!

The night ended on a SWEET note. Pun intended! 😉


suddenly missed the beach. 


2 days of Senior year down! The first two days of school was alright. Friday felt draggy though. Mass + electives. I got Psych as my elective, by the way. Which is alright, I guess. 

Oh yeah… Back to the “school tomorrow” feeling. I will always and forever hate Mondays. But hey, I started reading Julius Caesar earlier. Wuhoo! At least I’m doing something productive. 

Before I forget, Happy Father’s Day to our awesome dads! Give him some extra TLC today! Okay just wanted to update my blog. 🙂 

p.s I lost my copy of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. 😦 I’m soooo sad. And disturbed. I’m pretty sure I bought a copy. I swear. I don’t know where is it. 

06/07/12 Sleepover at DR’s with Nina

After that horrible traffic, I finally got home with DR and Nina waiting for me in our very own living room! I hate making people wait. Seriously. We planned a sleepover in DR’s house but only the three of us made it. Or should I say just the two of us? LOL.

We are such pigs. Who bakes at 11pm?! Apparently, we do. Oh, we were also munching on pizza and roast chicken while baking. (FATASS) Javier, DR’s younger brother went down to help us a bit even if it was way past his bed time! 

Successful baking session! Wuhoo! 

06/07/12 Birthday dinner

Since my friends surprised me during my actual birthday, we decided to have my birthday dinner the next day. 🙂 

My nephew, Gabriel. He’s fond of the camera now!

Headed to BGC! It was still sunny when we arrived but it started to drizzle after a while!

I really wanted to try Abe because I’ve heard really really good reviews about the food here. True enough, it didn’t disappoint! Sophisticated and really yummy native food. 


x Binukadkad na Plapla

x Sisig (so good i swear)

x corn soup 

x calamares 

++ kare-kare etc! (some of the pictures are missing 😦 )

Wuhoo! Gelatissimo for dessert! Picking the flavor is the hardest part! Thank God they have free taste or I’d go crazy in there.

We ended up getting Choco Hazelnut, Roasted Almond and Pistachio! Love the ice cream’s consistency! It’s also not too sweet that’s why we love it!

Really really bad traffic going home. It took us 2 and a half hours. Never ever take c-5. EDSA is the way. 


So long, sweet summer. You’re the best I ever had. 🙂

Thanks for the long days, crazy nights, the breeze, the beach, the sun and the fun.


Yup. That’s my senior year section. I’m going to be honest here that I felt really sad when I found out that I’m not classmates with my best friend, Claudine. It’s just that ever since grade school, we never got the chance to be classmates. I called her up right away. Moving on, I’m not close to a lot in my new section. I don’t know how to feel. At least Kat Cruz is with me. I’m pretty sure it will be a great class, though. We have student leaders in our class and I guess that’s a plus. I’m slowly realizing that it’s okay that I don’t have much close friends in my class. I just hope that after a few weeks, I’ll be close to a bigger number.

But my real point here is that I want this to be the year wherein I will excel in my studies. I was never the studious type. I settled for mediocrity. I want to change that this school year. I promised myself and to a couple of friends that we’re going to stay on top of our game. Conquer senior year one test a time. I don’t want to be college-less by the end of this school year. Hardwork will pay off. 

So right now, my focus is on my studies. I know I can do this if I really just work hard. 🙂