June in less than an hour. Summer seriously felt like a month. I’m not ready to let go of the fun, hot, sunny and sometimes-can-get-lazy summer days.

I spent the last day of May being kidnapped by my friends. Rich wanted some cake so he picked me up and we went to Sweet Maria. *Insert thunders, lightnings and super hard rain here* Of course, classic LGV. There was no electricity when I got home. What’s new right? That’s one thing I hate about my village. Thank God I got my kidnapping round 2 c/o Rookie and Claud. Basically, Rookie and I ended up going to Xavierville to crash Bello’s. We (Lonzo, Bello, Rookie and JJ) had dinner in Kamirori. Stayed in Rookie’s with Lonzo afterwards. 

One last time.

“Before-school-starts bucketlist”

– fix my corkboards

– have a photoshoot with any of my friends

– attend zumba classes like crazy

– study for the CETs

– jog in BGC


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