04/03/12 Chubby Chicken x Sweet Maria x Court

Reunited and it feels so good! After almost a month of not being in Manila, we finally got the chance to bond with Alex! We’re all pretty much occupied with review so we decided to have lunch with everybody in Katipunan.

Welcome back!! Really enjoyed listening to all her stories! Now I want to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Missing two — Amiel and Cha! I missed everyone!!! (woops, sorry cha! love you! hehe)

I missed you too, Sweet Maria! I really love this cafe in our village. Makes life easier! Check out our matching bracelets c/o Alex!! Love it. 

Bonded over brownies and chocolate cake with this guy! 

Mr. Assist man, Anton!! Headed to the LGV court to watch some batchmates from Ateneo and La Salle to play ball!

My co-commentators! We were pretty legit with the scoreboard and all! 

Of course, the usual lovely couple picture! 

And La Salle wins the last game of the night! All hail KING for that three point shot! 2-2 for both teams! Really enjoyed being noisy with Claud and Rookie! Hahaha! 


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