4/21/12 Review x FCBL AdMU vs NU x Banapple

Saw this beetle in front of our review center! I have a soft spot for volks because I love Herbie! hahaha!

Somehow our routine, walking to McDo (or 7 11) during our break time

Joe, Bounce and Janella


Went to Buddhacare with Claud, Cha and Andrea to support the Eaglets against NU

After the game, we headed to Tomas Morato to eat

This girl and her conyo problems… Just kidding

The supportive girlfriend and the hungry basketball player! 

This is what I ordered, Banapple’s fried chicken steak with mushroom gravy and corn sidings! Nothing extraordinary. I actually didn’t like the gravy… 

Watch out for my next post! It’s gonna be about the evening half of this day. 😉 


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