What’s in my bag?

I love reading “What’s in my bag?” posts! Since we’re going to Tali tomorrow and of course, I’d have to pack my stuff.. I decided to make my own “What’s in my bag?” Yay me! This is the usual loot when I’m going out of town or somewhere far. On normal (lazy) days, I just bring the essentials a.k.a wallet, keys, phone and sometimes, my camera. 

Here we go!

My bag is from Kenneth Cole. I love it so much! It’s super convenient to carry around. 🙂 

Here’s my loot for tomorrow’s trip!

  • My house key = MY LIFE hahaha no, seriously. + room key
  • Denman brush… Oh, I don’t brush my hair that often so I rarely bring this. HAHAHA
  • My Cocoa Butter lip rescue. One of the few lip balms I can take. IT’S NOT STICKY!!! I hate sticky lip gloss/balms.
  • Bobbi Brown Pot rouge for lips and cheeks in Powder Pink. It gives off a natural flush on the cheeks. I don’t use it for the lips. Sorry, Bobbi. 
  • Elf Eyebrow kit. Includes a brown powder and a dark brown cream. Easy to use!
  • Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey. I discovered this lipstick by accident. In fairness!
  • Sunnies from H&M c/o Claudine! This is a staple for out of town trips! Hahaha! 

  • Rosary. I always make sure I have a rosary whenever I’m going out of town. 
  • My trusty nokia phone!!! Oh I type pretty hard… explains the keypad. Fail-proof!
  • iPod. Just in case we need music… I usually bring this to the gym. 
  • Union Jack coin purse from Accessorize. I love the Union Jack. Such a pretty flag. 
  • Wallet from F21 c/o Jessi (my secret santa 2 years ago) She made me pick this one for her “classmate” 

  • Sunblock Face Cover 45 from VMV. Special appearance because of the beach trip only. HAHAHA 
  • Suntan lotion from Coppertone. I love the smell of sunblock! Especially coppertone’s and nivea’s. ❤ Again, this is just a guest because we’re going to the beach! 
  • Spray bottle filled with Para Mi Bebe baby cologne! I don’t like heavy scented perfumes so I stick to colognes such as this. 🙂 My signature scent would be GAP’s Dream. (arte hahaha)

That’s it! Yay! We’re going to Tali tomorrow. FINALLY. BEAAAACH!!!! I shall start (legit) packing…… later. at. night. 

Happy Easter Sunday again to all of you! 🙂 


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