The Santos’ Black Saturday tradition.

This is Mabuhay. He’s been with our clan for almost a century? If I’m not mistaken. Black Saturday is all about him. We take time polish him + fix his carriage. 

*please remember what he’s wearing. 😉

This is me trying on Mabuhay’s wig and his “before” outfit. HAHAHA jeez check out my bangs. I love laughing pictures!!! 🙂 hehe

This is His final outfit for the Salubong! I never got the chance to make “salubong” because the prusisyon starts at around 3 AM. I wake up at around 5:30 just in time for the Easter mass. 

The carriage or carosa. Tita Aia’s usually in charge of the flower arrangement and we just help fill it up. We use fresh flowers and during the prusisyon, people get really chaotic because they want to get some of the blessed flowers.

While waiting for the merienda.

There are three generations in this photo! 

MABUHAY!!! Testing the lights and everything. 


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