03/16/12 AC’s sweet sixteenth

YAY!!! Finally got to transfer, edit and upload pictures from AC’s party! 🙂 Here ya goooo! 

Had fun preparing with this girl. 

Bello, Amiel, Jessi, Tree and Alex.

With Nona and Janella

Cutest photo of the night for me! hehe

Lonzo the photobomber


Nina and DR

iBoys + Lonzo

My minis!!! Jon and David

Really cute surprise from AC’s classmates + Ando


Love this girl and her nails! 


With the birthday girl!! 🙂 

SIA!!!! This guy! hahaha listen to his cover of Slow Dancing In a Burning Room HERE. (lol promoting?)

This is such a happy photo!

Cha and AC!

Another happy photo! HAHA love it


What a great great way to kickstart summer 2012! 🙂 Had fun with everyone and thank you AC for having us! 


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