Carpe Diem starts now.

It’s finally summer!!! I’ve been waiting for this day since the first day of junior year! Okay, I’m a bit exaggerating.. But seriously that exam week felt like forever. And oh, I can’t believe our luck either. 🙂 We’re still going to school tomorrow for the exam results, clearance and enlistment. FML. Okay, whatever. I freaking survived junior year. The most crucial year in high school. Time to face the summer reviews for college entrance tests. GASP. Now, breathe.

School stuff aside, I really really have a good feeling about this summer. (on cue, levels – avicii) HAHAHA i had another eventful weekend with my friends. Last Friday, we went to AC’s sweet sixteenth. I shall blog about that later or tomorrow at the latest. 🙂 Yesterday was pretty fun too! Every summer, my village has this HOOPS GAMES basketball tournament. I guess we’ll be watching most of the time this summer because our friends decided to make their own team! THE PINK TEAM. They had their first game last night against royal blue. Trust me, it was really really entertaining because of our friends. We chilled with the team at our village cafe, Sweet Maria. 


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