Always better when we’re together!

Last long weekend! 🙂 Rookie’s house + UAAP + Mission Possible! 

Golfcart!!! Passed by Miel’s!

Oh my boy!!!!

Miko and Rookie! 

Drama queen PJ! Chos lang girl. 

Photoshoot much?


I missed you!

UAAP! UST vs Ateneo. 4-0!! 

Halili! haha missed this boooy


Janella, Anne and Rich!

With Snooki from Jersey Shore!

Flaming Wings with Janella and Rich!

Grilla Libis for Mission Possible. Hi Paolo!

The cohens! 


(4/52) fade into darkness 

(3/52) …So I got rid of you.


Started the day really early to watch UAAP football! Ateneo x Zobel 

McDo with Janella. 

First half

Look what the wind blew in. Kidding! 

Ugh Juster y u ruin the photo!

B and J! HAHAHA 

Before the second half

Hi JP!!!

2-3. In favor of Zobel. 😦 Went to Bello’s after + Katip. Shang for Gicelle’s prom proposal! Congrats bb girl!

STYLE! Rich and Gicelle. ❤

HAHAHAHA Eric asked Janella to prom! Wuhoo! 🙂 Congrats guys!

Ugh no picture of my momol girl, Jessi. HAHAHA okay i should review for Fil again. 😦 I hate sundays!

(2/52) Sweet nothings.

01.06.12 & 01.07.12

What happened last weekend! 

Andrea’s promposal! 🙂

We had to reenact because Lonzo went out right away to say yes!


On to the next prom proposal! We headed to East. 

We made use of the walk of fame

People waiting upstairs for Raffy to see the proposal

This is so cute!!

Raffy and Cha!! 🙂 

Woke up really early the next day for Nina and Clarisse’s surprise party

JAVIER!! DR’s little brother

Chilled in Temple Drive while waiting for them boys.

Yummy cupcakes!

Birthday girls!


Clarisse snagged a prom date! 🙂 Most spontaneous prom proposal ever!

I love you guys!! Went to Eastwood for Red Mango after this and then Kat’s house for our soiree!


Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012! Time to let go of the bad and make way for the good! Must face this year with a more positive outlook. 🙂 Bad days are inevitable but there are 365 days remaining for this year! So if you’re having a bad day, let it go. What are the chances? 

I don’t want to make this long and I sure don’t wanna sound preachy! Let me end by quoting Natasha Bedingfield, 

The rest is still unwritten.

happy new year! 

ps. this is also the photo for the first week of my project 52!