Triplets’ 16th and Mathea’s 17th!

Last Thursday, the triplets + mathea had their birthday bash! 🙂 The party’s theme was Winter wonderland. I had a great time despite my pre-party nervousness! Cheska went to my house earlier that day! We watched Speak Now live tour DVD and pigged out. Okay, here are the pictures!

Girls in white (longsleeves!)

Part of our surprise!

I asked someone to prom! Through this card.


Lovely girls!


With Ino and AJ! Missed these guys.

let me introduce you 

to my party people

that’s me asking! hahaha omg

I finally have a prom date! thank you gio! 🙂

Claudine with the gays and Cara photobombing!

With the first honor! Congrats Lonzo!!!

With the birthday girl! :* I love you so much and thank you for the fun night! ❤ 


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