Set fire to the rain

Last legit academic day of the year! But our exams will start on Monday! Boo. I won’t be able to enjoy this weekend. Sooo, what a friday!!! I got through hell a.k.a school, ran under the rain, witnessed three prom proposals and pigged out. ALL IN ONE DAY. I seriously hated the rain! RAIN = HASSLE. 

Gloomy morning

Rich’s holding one of our props! Haha! looking good, richyboyy!

Busy + rainy afternoon @ AHS

Proposal #1: Cheska + Maqui

Proposal #2: Bots + Joe

Proposal #3: Tim + Dea

Hello you guys!

9gag memes! 

Had a mini adventure with DR and Cha upstairs! hahaha!

Bello + Oblation hahaha!

DR’s asking a random stranger. LOL just kidding

concrete jungle

Rookie and DR

What a good Friday! Hmm, decided to stay at home instead of going to Resorts World with my relatives! My tito’s going to arrive later! Excited for them goodies. ❤ Despite the weird weather, I actually enjoyed this day! ❤


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