Tears and Cheers.

Baby, you're a firework (1/365)

This is the picture I used for day one of my 365 project. (Unfortunately, I got really lazy) I took this last January 1, 2011. Wow. It’s been that long? Crazy.

In less than 24 hours, a new year begins. In less than 24 hours, the sky will be filled with sparkly colors. In less than 24 hours, this year will be over. I feel happy with a hint of sadness. 2011’s filled with such good and not so good memories. An emotional rollercoaster. A tiring and stressful one, for sure.

I’ve made pretty good and stupid decisions this year. I’m sure this year would be a boring one without the latter. (ha ha) 

let me list down the things/people that kept me sane:

  • family
  • friends
  • GOD 
  • food (oh baby!) 
  • sleep
  • books
  • music
  • showers 
  • late night adventures
  • out of town trips
  • and more food. ( HA HA HA ) 
  • 9GAG
  • Tumblr

Before I forget, this is probably the year wherein I abused the statement “I hate school” and “I hate Math” (we got a badass over here!) 

My 2012 resolutions 

  • Start a healthy lifestyle! 
  • Go to the gym thrice a week. (Thank you Gold’s for making this possible!)
  • No room for mediocrity
  • Take my review for CETs seriously
  • Save money 
  • Curse less 
  • No hatin’! 

I wish y’all a happy new year! 🙂 Let go of all the sadness and pain. A clean new slate for everyone. 



Things I want/need to do. 

  • bucketlist for 2012
  • fix my room
  • buy a planner or a huge notebook for 2012
  • get rid of old clothes
  • work out / exercise
  • prom-related couture


Spent Christmas Eve in San Mateo! 🙂 Had a little gathering with our relatives. We also celebrated my dad’s birthday. It was really special because my uncle from California and my uncle from Bacolod are here! Ughhh Christmas eve is so much better than Christmas day! 

On the way!

Got new books! 

Kuya Paolo

Good stuff!

Junk food. Oh God.

Can’t choose!

My sister and my mom

My cousin, my nephew, tito and mom! So engrossed with some video

My nephew! 

My sister’s trying to teach my nephew how to use the iPad

MARTINEZ family! ❤ Happy birthday Papa!

Fun shot!

My brother’s family

The grandparents and the first apo!

Hope y’all had a good Christmas! 🙂 

happy 17th birthday to my favorite bitch! 

369 @ Anvaya! Part II


With Claudine! Waiting for our sunscreen to kick in.

Andrea, Cha and Rookie

Photo op, bitches.



Janella’s! HAHAHA rprznt

I love doing this! HAHA

Seriously? Do I still have to explain..

Before lunch!

After lunch! 

This was so tiring. 😐 Hi Bells!


Here are some of the photos from Claudine’s camera!

Loved this drink! Mango Passion. ❤

On the way to Magma field! HAHA i was mocking Rookie!

I love this picture talaga! 

ADVENTURE. Obstacle course, yeah.

We had to balance this! It took us forever but hey we were able to do it. :p 

Grab every opportunity!! PHOTO OP TIME!!!

A lovely sunset to end our trip!