FAIR 2011 Sous L’arxis: breaking the chains of reality.

Day 2 and 3. (10/28/11-10/29/11)

Day 2 was the busiest day for me and I guess everybody else? Went to school around 11am for my baggage counter shift with Janella, Grace and Bello. After that we had to prepare for ELIXIR (the variety show/concert). 

Day 3 was probably the HOTTEST day out of the three. Another busy day because of the family day. Enjoyed the last day of the fair because of our dedication booth shift! Really had fun just talking and talking.. Oh, we won the family day batch presentations!!! So proud of my batch. 

(no pictures for Day 3!)


My daughter, my husband and my son-in-law

Happily married! Chozz!

Cheska and DR

Claudine and Tine! Amazing job, fashion com!

Allana, Nica and Rookie!


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