Last weekend, my brother came over and he brought some goodies from Sophie’s mom! 🙂 Really really yummy! I wish they had a branch near katipunan. 



Lame itinerary! 😦 Thank God the bus ride, the food and 3-6 made it fun!  

FAIR 2011 Sous L’arxis: breaking the chains of reality.

Day 2 and 3. (10/28/11-10/29/11)

Day 2 was the busiest day for me and I guess everybody else? Went to school around 11am for my baggage counter shift with Janella, Grace and Bello. After that we had to prepare for ELIXIR (the variety show/concert). 

Day 3 was probably the HOTTEST day out of the three. Another busy day because of the family day. Enjoyed the last day of the fair because of our dedication booth shift! Really had fun just talking and talking.. Oh, we won the family day batch presentations!!! So proud of my batch. 

(no pictures for Day 3!)


My daughter, my husband and my son-in-law

Happily married! Chozz!

Cheska and DR

Claudine and Tine! Amazing job, fashion com!

Allana, Nica and Rookie!

God is good.

No classes today because of PTC a.k.a card day. My mom went to school early to get my card. Long story short, I’m super duper happy with my grades. I’m beyond satisfied. 🙂 My parents also received the letter that we made during our retreat. She told me that it’s really touching. I’m actually not the affectionate type so it’s a big thing! Hahaha! 

despite all that, there’s always room for improvement. Not just with school but with everything else. i’m happy that i’m slowly adjusting to the new grading system. almost there. 🙂

thank you, Lord. it’s all from you and it’s all for you. 

FAIR 2011 Sous L’arxis: breaking the chains of reality.

DAY ONE (10/27/11)

This is obviously another overdue post! I seriously forgot that I had pictures in my camera. well that blows. The theme of the fair last year was childhood. Check out what we (369) went as! 😉 

RUGRATS, y’all! 

The theme of this year’s fair was MAGIC. Hmm, read throughout to find out what we went as this year! 😉 

Clarisse and Issa! 

Issa represented our class for the costume contest! 

weee i miss you guys!

Legit basketball playah beside me! Hi Cara! 

Sir Ilam and his baby, Ayla! 🙂 Such a cute grrrl.

With Andi! She’s lonzo’s younger sister and she’s the batch rep of the freshmen! 

With Cara and Bounce! Can you guess which house she belongs to? 😉 

With Sir.. I mean, Headmaster Fermin. Awesome sauuuce!

EXPECTO PLATOWRAPS! Trina and Nona inside our booth. 


Grace who’s not looking, Janella, Ina who’s nanggugulo and Bello!

Ina and Joanna!

“warming up” for our “game”


Amiel and Cara! 


Got MONSTERized by RX 93.1! Thank you for a great experience! 

Happy days are here again.

This is probably the last stress-free weekend for me this month. I’m not TGIF-ing because TGIF means weekend.. Weekend means going back to school in a few days. I can’t wait for our Christmas break! 

Bonchon + Rookie’s house

Fixed my room yesterday! My mom’s so happy about it! 

Cha’s reading It’s not summer without you. Hello rookie!

Jessi and Claudine 

I like lights hehe

Red Velvet!

Dance Central

neighborookie and neighborromeo

cutie pie

Sayawatha girls doing what they do best! naks

My mahal and his cheekbones. PAK!

This is funny. Hehe. Hi lonz

cooked caramelized spam! hehe

Hi Claudine!

Staying in today. Hopefully I can start with my school work (read: IP zzz) I guess I’ll have to bond with my sister today and pig out! Mmmm. Have a good saturday, y’all!