overdue: august 1/2

August 5, 2011 

Crashed a soiree and Cara’s birthday dinner at Cravings, Eastwood

This is what I wore! 

Meet Rookie! We’re neighbors now. ❤ 

No pictures during the soiree! Headed to Eastwood for Cara’s birthday dinner.

This is the place! Alex and Amiel bought lots of balloons and tied them up on chairs! Oh, that’s Jessi. Haha!

With Claudine and the birthday girl!

Sam, Claudine, Cara, Alex and Janella

Trying to be legit DJs! Hahaha! That’s Jessi

Next shift! Just kidding. That’s Amiel, Cha, Claudine, Janella, Alex and Tricia

Played Trip to Jerusalem!

Pretty ladies!

Alex and Amiel! Hi Jessi lol



Rookie and Janella

Dora dora dora

With our balloons! 🙂

Happy birthday to you!

The Crew for that night!

August 7, 2011

Bounce’s birthday party at Grand Terrace!

Janella, Yours truly, Tiara and Anne! 

With Janella! Opted to wear flats because I also attended a party the night prior to this and my feet died! 

Harry Potter inspired cupcakes! Mmm. So good!

The chosen one! hahaha just kidding! (or maybe not)

Afc girls unite!

I’m with Harry!

With the birthday girl!


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