12:00am October 31, 2011.



thrilla season

I just felt the need to write something new here. I’m currently watching the Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween special. I’m tired… that probably would be the understatement of the year. I can’t even find the right words to describe how I feel right now. Exhausted. Drained. Lazy. Beat. You know it. 

I had a great sunday, though. I was re-watching the first season of Vampire Diaries when my phone rang. It was my brother calling for lunch at Makati. I’m happy that I didn’t spend the whole day at home… Even if that’s exactly what I need right now. My body feels so sore! 

I have so much to blog about and it’s waaaay overdue. (rookie’s party, amiel’s party, kat’s party and the MCHS fair) 

Tomorrow. Oh crap.. I just glanced at the computer clock and it’s already 12:00am. How quick. So I guess later is the proper term now! I promise to blog everything as soon as I wake up! 


Late Night Blogging

Thank God It’s Friday! Yes, I’m still considering this as Friday despite the fact that it’s already Saturday. It’s not tomorrow until I sleep and wake up! I can’t believe the weekend’s finally here. This is probably the slowest week of my life. I’m dreading every school day! But today is pretty different since it’s Friday and it’s my favorite day of the week! 

Our class’ Friday schedule is nowhere near wonderful. Our first three subjects are deadly. Chemistry, Geometry and English. We really did not do much during those subjects. Except during Chem and Geom. Sigh. So the rest of the day went by like a breeze. Pigged out with Bello at Bon Chon and Saint’s Alp. 🙂 Happy tummy is happy! 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I’m currently reading The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. It’s the first book of a trilogy. I started reading during English time today and I’m almost done. I actually want to read it right now but I don’t wanna finish it too fast. Here’s a photo of the book

Y’all should read it too! I’m so jealous of the protagonist because her summer is way beyond amazing. It’s like the perfect summer (romance) we all want to have! 

One last thing why I’m so happy that it’s already the weekend… It’s Amiel’s sweet sixteenth tomorrow! So hyped. 🙂 Oh, here’s a picture of me that I took a few minutes ago. i have stress written all over my face

Goodnight! I hope you had a great friday and I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. 🙂 

cuddle weather, better weather.

Agree with my title, yeah? I seriously cannot wait for the sembreak. 5 more days of school to endure…. How frustrating! I don’t even know why I’m always so tired. We practically just sit and do shit in school everyday. Sigh.

On a lighter note, It’s almost the weekend! I hope everyone’s alright despite the weird weather. Hello, it’s almost December and it’s still so hot. I hate this sticky feeling! Jeez. Anyway, I’m still in my uniform and it’s not helping. I better change and start with school work. 



The day after we got back from our retreat, we went to Ateneo to watch the Battle of Bel. When we arrived, there were forts and college students were throwing water balloons everywhere! FUN! 

Saw Bello there! I got to watch the Ateneo game that afternoon because of her. Thanks B! ❤ 

Kat, Clarisse and Cheska! 

With Ms. Nash now! 🙂 

The Pintados with their chant/ritual of some sort! 

The Knights!

The actual battle. They used cheesesticks. The one they use for UAAP games! 

Photo Op with Ms. Nash! 


What an experience with 3-6! Stayed in Notre Dame de Vie. It was really tiring though! Pictures are from Geli! 🙂 

Check out my eyebags! What a sleepless night. 

Hi friends!

My oh so noisy class!!!! 

cool girls.

I forgot her name. 😦 Funniest facilitator eveeer!

Awesome people being awesome.

Guess who! 😉